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Garnet: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Properties Of Garnet. Garnet has that beautiful glassy glow which makes it one of the most beautiful stones that you will ever see. The most common color of Garnet is red, but the color varies most of the time depending on the gemstone''s composition comes in a variety of colors and can have a dark, strong red color, or it can also be brownish-red.

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 · 15,509 garnet stone stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See garnet stone stock video clips. of 156. garnet vector garnet gem rainbow crystal amber sketch rubies background raw garnet almandine garnet tanzanite isolated amber illustration background ruby. Try these curated collections.

Garnet Information

 · Garnet has been used by man in one form or another since the Bronze Age so it should come as no surprise that it is a very powerful spiritual stone. Its mixed heritage, array of colors and blend of various chemicals means that there is no single sacred meaning to this stone.

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Garnet has been used as a gemstone for over 5000 years and it was the most popular gemstone of the ancient Rome. Garnets are most commonly known to be red but there are six types of Garnets and they have variety of colors and different formulas and spiritual properties.


Garnet is said to have the ability to heal the blood and encourage good circulation. Garnet is the traditional birthstone for January, the zodiacal stone for Aquarius and the second anniversary stone. In particular, tsavorite garnet is thought to provide its wearer with strength, vitality and positivity.

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According to the Talmud, the only light on Noah''s ark was provided by a large Garnet. In Europe during the Middle Ages, Garnet was used to enhance truth, faith and constancy, and to dispel melancholy. [Simmons, 165-166] As a Warrior''s Stone, Garnet served as a talisman in the Crusades for both the Christians and their Muslim enemies.

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Garnet as a Gemstone. Garnet is popularly known as a dark red gemstone, but it actually a group of gemstones that can be a variety of colors. It has been found as early as the Bronze Age and was known in Egypt and ancient Sumeria. The six subtypes of garnet are: almandine (pictured above) – deep red; andradite – red, yellow, brown or black

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Birthstones are a fun, popular and colorful introduction to the world of gemstones. They appeal to audiences around the world regardless of gender, age, nationality or religion. Birthstones carry secrets, attributes and lore that are unique to each gemstone. There are countless myths and legends ...

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Garnet was already worn in jewellery in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages, the popularity and spread of garnet continued under the term "carbuncle". For us antique jewellers, the most significant era of garnet jewellery lies in the Central European phenomenon of Historicism.

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 · The blood-red color of garnet also easily make it a stone that represents life-force and vitality to this day. Christians in the Middle Ages prized garnets to represent the life-blood of Christ, and it is still used in religious jewelry. Garnet is also associated with the feminine life-force, uterine blood, and generative creativity.

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Garnet. Garnet is an ancient gemstone which, in fact, is not a single stone but a variety of Silicate minerals. They are similar in metaphysical properties but vary in their chemical composition. Garnets are oldest stones that were widely used since Bronze Age, especially by …

Almandine Garnet: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Almandine Garnet is a stone that can prevent anger or frustration from being directed towards yourself, which can then lead to stress-related illnesses and conditions. Hold this stone over your energy centers will allow the anger to flow freely, or just allow it to disappear harmlessly outside your personal energy field, which will prevent ...

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Rhodolite Garnet | Elements of Earth & Fire | Root ChakraGarnet is a stone of protection, passion, and security. It helps control anger, encourages healthy sexuality, and confidence. Garnet strengthens the root chakra, connecting you to the physical world and allowing you to fully enjoy life''s pleasures. Physically, it helps the body recover from injury and supports reproductive health. 1 ...

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Who should wear a Garnet? Garnet stone is the birthstone and the rashi ratna for sunsign Aquarius (Kumbh). There are many closely related varieties of the Garnet gemstone that have different colours and are used as substitutes for other gemstones.Garnets are known for their curative properties and calming effects and have been in use since the Bronze Age.

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Garnet symbolizes perseverance and strength and is known as a "commitment stone," which reinforces tenacity and commitment. The ancient Egyptians hailed garnets as a symbol of life. The stone was used for various medicinal purposes in the Middle Ages.

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Garnet is the official January birthstone, which we''ll expand on later. First, we need to examine the stone''s crystal structure and composition. Garnet Gemstone Defined. Garnet isn''t a gemstone, but a gem family composed of multiple species under the garnet family banner.

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Garnet is the stone for those born under the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. The deep red color also resonates with the passionate nature of Scorpio and the fiery nature of Aries. In Vedic astrology, the garnet is a stone of protection. In numerology, garnets are associated with the number 2. Healing Properties of the Garnet

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The garnet, however, has been found as early as the Bronze Age, in Egyptian jewelry, dating back to 3100 BC. The Greeks used garnets as signet rings with found artifacts dating around 400 BC. Due to their color, garnets, have been closely associated with blood, as have other stones that are red.

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Garnet is a gem in Dragon Age: Origins. x1 is sold by the Silk Merchant in Diamond Quarter during the Dwarf Noble Origin. If purchased here, it will be taken away in the end of A Noble Expedition. This item is not sold by any other merchants in Dragon Age: Origins except him. x1 is sold by Master Henley in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. x1 drops from the Spirit Hog during the Summoning ...


You''ll find this stone meets the needs of many jewelry projects and is loved by people of all ages. Garnet adds that touch of uniqueness that so many of us look for in a world of mass-produced pieces. Whatever you goals for jewelry and gem collecting are, you''ll discover at the garnet auctions that there is something for everyone ...

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 · Garnet is an extremely durable stone, and its use has dated back to 3100 BC. It has been found in Egyptian, Roman, and Greek adornments. True to its color, red garnet was often placed in Victorian jewelry, mimicking the shape of a pomegranate. The Greeks believed that wearing a garnet around one''s neck would provide th

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 · Garnet has been favored by royalty across many cultures, especially during the Middle Ages. In Europe, the garnet stone was considered a symbol of trust and affection and became a popular gift to exchange between friends in the 13th and 14th centuries.

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 · The word "garnet" stems from the Latin word "seedlike", alluding to the red seeds of a pomegranate. This stone is so durable that remnants of it can be found dating back to the Bronze Age. References to it go back even further – the Romans often used it for signent rings, and the Egyptians referred to it as a symbol of life.

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 · Garnet has a history of being referred to as the Warrior''s stone, as evidenced by the Crusades, where Christian crusaders wore garnet stone as a protective talisman, as did their Muslim enemies. In Europe during the Middle Ages (circa 475 to 1450 AD), garnet was used to fortify one''s strength, give clarity to the truth, steel one''s ...

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This gemstone was used as a talisman for protection both by warriors going into battle and those who wanted to ward off pestilence and plague. Some ancient healers and wise men even placed garnets in wounds and praised its healing powers. Garnet jewelry has been a fixture throughout the ages. Garnet gems were often used as signet rings in ...

Garnet Stone Meaning

 · Garnet was also used in Sumeria around 2100 B.C and in Sweden between 1000 B.C. and 2000 B.C. Apart from that, garnet has been used throughout the history including the Greek and Roman empires, middle ages and during the more recent European colonization era.

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It was widely accepted that garnet could signal approaching danger by turning pale. During the middle ages this birthstone was its own protection against theft, bringing misfortune to the thief until the stone was returned to the rightful owner. Ancient legends attributed to garnet calming influence over hot tempered individuals.

Garnet History and Lore

Centuries later, in Roman scholar Pliny''s time (23 to 79 AD), red garnets were among the most widely traded gems. In the Middle Ages (about 475 to 1450 AD), red garnet was favored by clergy and nobility. Red garnet''s availability increased with the discovery of the famous Bohemian garnet deposits in central Europe around 1500.

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In the Middle Ages, garnet was the same as carbuncle, which was reputed to "glow in the dark". Even then this was considered to be on a spiritual level, and meant that the stone gave one hope in times that could be only described as the Long Dark Night of the Soul.

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Looking for Garnet Jewelery?Click here, if not read on to learn more about the gemstone….. Garnets are in fact identified as a group of gemstones that share the same crystal structure but differ in chemical makeup. Whilst commonly available in most colors except for Blue, the origin of its name is said to be from the Middle Age English word for dark red, gernet, with further association to ...


Garnet. Product categories. All Types (642) Emerald Gemstone (10) Opal Gemstones (16) Necklaces (1) Ruby (1) Carving (Featured) (26) Ruby Gemstone (8) Star Ruby 6 Rays (5) Blue Sapphire Gemstone (1) Amber (5) Red Coral (2) Labradorite Gemstone (144) Purple Labradorite (27) Carving Labradorite (6) Blue Labradorite (19) Multi Purple Labradorite ...

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Garnet has been used for 1,000s of years, dating back to the ancient Egyptians. Jewelry, beads, and bracelets from 3100 B.C. have been found in the Nile delta. Garnet bracelets and brooches were popular in the 1800s. Garnet in the Victorian period typically was a rosette style, a large stone …

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 · Demantoid Garnet. $800 to $1,200 per carat for a Russian demantoid. The more vivid the green is, the more it can be. Malaia Garnet. $300 to $500 per carat. Depending on the cut, clarity and size. Rhodolite Garnet. $40 to $65 per carat. This is the least expensive garnet stone of the market.

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Garnet is an energizing gemstone. Over the ages, its reputation as a gem for balancing and purifying has become known. Gem therapists suggest that Ceylon Imperial Garnet helps in attaining mental relief and reducing feelings of anxiety.